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The long farewell begins…

The long farewell begins…

There’s a lot to do and to think about when moving house – today we attacked the loft and disposed of skis from our ski season days (pre-1991!!) and my fencing foils from school days, a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree just about summed it up! The garden has been purged, pots emptied and washed ready for the removal lorry.

Yesterday was my last Nordic Walk after goodness knows how many years,. We have become a close knit group of friends now, bound together by not only the weather we’ve endured during our weekly Nordic Walks but by life’s laundry shared and many issues resolved. I love this group, they are striding on & taking on a new identity “Poles Apart” and I wish them every joy in the future, I shall love following their progress and thinking about them as they Nordic Walk every Saturday morning together. They planned a get together after the Nordic Walk at the Embankment Hotel where I was spoiled with gifts, kind words and hugs and a few tears were spilled. The coffee was pretty good too! I’m not going to say “farewell” just “au revoir” & Thank you.

My group gave me this card…. and I happily share the message with you, with love Susie


  • March 20, 2018


    Good luck for your new endeavour and the beginning of a new life! Wish you all the best !!

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