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Réalisation d’une grange

Réalisation d’une grange

Another eventful week has sped by. France have four public holidays in May which slowed everything up somewhat – thankfully the builders changed work their days and arrived on Wednesday to continue work on the new Studio/barn conversion.

Work on here started a few weeks ago with the straw being removed to expose the wood underneath which we hoped to preserve. Luckily the straw had been in place for over 20 years and was perfectly dry and the wood  proved to be in relatively good condition. Ok, its rustic but the floor boards are now screwed in place, the big holes have been filled with smaller pieces of wood and the whole area sanded down, it looks utterly beautiful – wide boards each with their own unique character. 

Underneath the mezzanine has been sealed off with Douglas fir – this looks a little ‘orange’ at present but will soon age and deepen to a soft grey (at least I hope so) I may have to stain this with Linseed oil and coffee. On the mezzanine level Kevin managed to buy some old wood from a previous client’s ceiling and the studio now has a beautiful authentic hand-rail to secure it. The steps were made

from a staircase which was held by breeze blocks to access the top floor of the barn, they were a complete death trap and as the wood upstairs is at present rotten too, its much better that no-one can get up there (this is our winter project… watch this space) 


The wall to the east of the barn around the wooden ‘window’ opening was falling apart and a huge crack had appeared, the builders have made the most beautiful repair here making it both stable and beautiful without making it look ‘new’ they used the stone from the wall that was knocked out to make the opening for the new en suite bathroom…. it is simply stunning. We are so delighted with the result and we know our guests will have a joyful time here either practising Pilates/Yoga, or playing cards, reading or celebrating special occasions – it lends itself to so many uses, and is gorgeous and beautiful in its simplicity and rusticity.



We have a house full of guests this weekend, so I am about to teach my first class in here to a group of millennials who are here to celebrate my son’s birthday with him. Its our ‘soft’ opening with the new beds and bathroom all in use. Our housekeepers did an amazing job cleaning up after the builders and Le Pignoulet is ready for the 2018 season…. The first retreat begins a week on Friday…. The sun has blessed us and Gascony in May is quite sensational. 


  • May 7, 2018


    Wow you are simply the best. Well done and have a great weekend

  • May 7, 2018


    Looks fab Susie well done. Hope all went well with your first ‘gig’. X

  • May 8, 2018

    Gerta Valentine

    Can’t wait to see it. As soon as I had my op I’ll book myself in. Wonderful work, miss you lots. love

  • May 9, 2018

    mary haggerwood

    Good luck with your opening… and breath x

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